Herbal Shop

Halima Yard Remedies is a family run business founded in 2020 by Elsie Halima Reed, and now it is co-owned with  daughter, Gabrielle.

Halima Yard Remedies grew out of Elsie’s passion for her own health and wellbeing.



Elsie has always been interested in herbs, however her passion grew  stronger when she became very ill in 2015, and she turned to alternate medicine.

Elsie has acquired several diplomas including advanced master herbalist and aromatherapist.

Outside the herbal world, Elsie has 21 years IT consultancy experiece, Elsie is passionate about helping people and is heavily involed in community and Charity work.

Elsie is the founder of Deltawomen, The Tech Ladder, Halima Yard Remedies and sits on the board of several UK Charity Board.